V-Bar ATV/UTV Tire Chain

QuadBoss Chain Size Description Tires Retail
56-0820 Small 8 V-bars per row, 14.5" W x 52"L 21x10x8, 22x11x9, 22x10x10 $47.99
56-0821 Medium 9 V-bars per row, 14.5"W x 54"L 22x11x10, 22x10x12, 25x8x12 $50.99
56-0822 Large 10 V-bars per row, 17"W x 56"L 25x12x9, 25x11x10, 26x10x12 $60.99
56-0823 Extra Large 11 V-bars per row, 16.6" x 66" For Larger/Taller Oversize Tires $71.99

Item Description

  • V-bars are much deeper, they will not fall between the lugs on ATV tires
  • V-bars provide "Super" traction because of the sharp points on the V-Bar
  • Applications are for rear tires unless noted
  • Quadboss Tire chains are packaged in a plastic storage box
  • Sold in pairs